About is an exploratory site for indigenous plants such as vegetables, herbs and spices which are known but usually taken for granted or sometimes neglected and unused. This site aims to feature the significance of these plants not only as cooking ingredients but also as source of nutrients for health and wellness.

Inabraw is known as Ilocano delicacy made from assorted (samut-sari) freshly picked vegetables mixed with fried fish or meat simmered in water with bagoong (fish paste) and other ordinary spices. In fact, it is a native dish favorite of most Ilocano’s.

Usually when we say “inabraw” – it appears to be a cooking practice, though however, inabraw for me is more than just a mere native cooking style.

This site like “inabraw” – contains nutritious vegetables, will feature everything (samut-sari) which are worth knowing about indigenous plants and animals. The site will showcase or dig-out the nutritious components as well as the healing or medicinal values that can be obtain from it and therefore promote, to increase consumption for better nutrition and for better health of the people.

For more information or if you want to be part of this advocacy and wishes to post your articles about indigenous vegetables, (your authorship will be preserved or will be included as by-line). Please email me at



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