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Herbs and Spices: Uses and Functions for culinary and medicine (Part 3)

Good day folks, as the day goes by – the excitement and pressures of the nearing Christmas becomes inevitable, we are preoccupied with everything that we think we’ll makes us happy this coming Christmas season. We need to have these, I need to have that, we have to … we have to…, and all those we have to’s…, but please don’t forget the real meaning or reason of celebrating Christmas — That Jesus Christ is BORN to save us all from that sure perilous destination were heading to.

Anyway, if we talk about Christmas, of course there’s food, a bountiful “fiesta-like” celebration among us Filipinos. In fact, some of our “kababayans” if not all, save money just to have that “Masaya at Masaganang” “Notche Buena”. Siyempre nothing bad about it, but of course don’t forget that we Filipinos are now going to the list of the top obese countries. Probably because we are the typical “happy eaters” person, but nothing to worry about it, we just only need to include vegetables in our daily diet, “eat as much as you want,” they are healthful and in fact, can cure the most illnesses that we have.

Today were going to continue our previous topic about the most popular

herbs and spices in the country. Try

to have this also in your diet or used it as part of your cooking practices — not only this coming Christmas season but everyday as you want it.

The first in our list tody is Chives.

Farmers often plant chives along borders of their plant beds, in the pot somewhere in their gardens.

In the provinces, chives are very popular especially to the Ilocano folks which they call it “bulong ti lasuna”. They used chives together with onion bulbs to flavor their favorite jumping salads (live shrimps) – I missed this food so much. In fact as I’m writing this article, my mouth is watering as I remembered this exotic food. “Glok!”

Chives is used not only as flavoring but it is also said that its juice (from leaves) can repel insect pests. Chive juices and extracts also exhibit antifungal and antibacterial properties and reported to have a beneficial effect on the circulatory system. Chives is rich in iron and calcium and is also rich in vitamins A and C, which are important antioxidants that help in the functioning of the immune system.

Another in the list is the Black Pepper.

Black pepper Black pepper is considered as the oldest and most important spice in the world. Whole peppercorns are common ingredient in meats, soups, fishes, and pickles. The ground form is popularly used in eggs, salads, sauces, gravies, and vegetables. The fruits are acrid, bitter; has aphrodisiac, diuretic, digestive, and stimulant properties. They are useful in relieving arthritis, asthma, fever, cough, dysentery, dyspepsia, and flatulence. Black pepper is also used as carminative-reducing stomach and intestinal gas, and has been found to stimulate the activities of the heart and kidneys.

And finally, the turmeric or “luyang dilaw”.

Have you ever heard the advertisement about ampalaya plus, a certain food supplement that can cure diabetes? Turmeric is among its content.

Luyang dilaw is used to give a rich, custard-like yellow color in canned beverages and baked products, dairy products, ice cream, yogurt, yellow cakes, orange juice, biscuits, popcorn, sweets, cake icing, cereals, sauces, and gelatins. It is a significant ingredient in most commercial curry powders. Turmeric is now currently studied for possible benefits to cure Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, arthritis and other biological disorders.

This is much for today folks, thank you for your time reading and please watch my next article. God bless and have a vegetable – full day.


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