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What do we get from Ampalaya

Ampalaya or Bitter Gourd or Bitter Melon (Momordica Charantia) is very popular nowadays because of the proliferation of nutriceutical products for health and wellness. Continue reading


Herbs and Spices: Uses and Functions for culinary and medicine (Part 3)

Good day folks, as the day goes by – the excitement and pressures of the nearing Christmas becomes inevitable, we are preoccupied with everything that we think we’ll makes us happy this coming Christmas season. We need to have these, I need to have that, we have to … we have to…, and all those we have to’s…, but please don’t forget the real meaning or reason of celebrating Christmas — That Jesus Christ is BORN to save us all from that sure perilous destination were heading to.

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Herbs and spices: Uses and functions for culinary and Medicine (Part 2)

As Christmas season approaches, were all busy on our individual schedules – processing documents for payments before the year-end book closes. Hurry in getting the trip schedule going home to provinces, busy shopping to find for the very best gifts for nephews and visiting seasonal destinations as part of the family bonding or a treat for your kiddies, and many more.

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Hot Benefits from Siling Labuyo

For sure, every Filipino knows hot pepper or siling labuyo (Capsicum Frutescens L.).

It can be found everywhere in the backyard gardens in provinces and a favorite condiments of our lolo’s and lola’s. Siling labuyo is the famous ingredient of the proudly pinoy dish “Bicol Express”. Continue reading

Herbs and spices: Uses and functions for culinary and Medicine (Part 1)

Before the end of 2009, I was assigned to make the 2010 calendar for our institution. The production team suggested that we feature the indigenous herbs and spices in the Philippines, since we support the promotion of these plants as part of the indigenous plant for health and wellness RDE program of the department of agriculture. Continue reading

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